If you are a big fan of bounty bars , aka, creamy coconut filling covered by chocolate, but need it to be dairy free this is for you!

Yes, completely dairy free but still full of flavour and loads of real nutrients, this bar was a homemade creation out of curiosity and...

Thoughts are much like waves in the ocean, following the natural ebb and flow they continuously come and go . 
To think its the natural state of the brain and that’s what it was developed to do. Trying to stop this process will probably bring more stress and anxiety t...

Easter is just around the corner and so its chocolate feeding, or topping up for most people! Did you know that a regular intake of chocolate can be quite beneficial to the body? Is it cacao or cocoa? What is the difference between these two?

Most women would agree with...

                                    ≈ False Beliefs ≈

☾ Its often so easy to put ourselves vulnerable when we are going through intense changes or simply when we are not listening enoug...

DYO Hair Kit (Shampoo and Conditioner)

Ever thought of using your pantry items for your personal hygiene?

I promise it works and even more, you will be amazed with the results so much you won’t want to look back! I firstly heard it through a friend and I didn’t think muc...

February 17, 2018

Mindfulness begins when you recognise your tendency to react towards life as an automatic response and make a commitment to stepping out of it in order to be present. As you practice becoming more aware of your body, you'll notice the strength your mental and emotional...

If you are a chainatic like myself you'll probably like this recipe ..! Gluten free, dairy free and fruit free this is one of a kind healthy piece. 

Creamy and crunchy, I love this slice so much and as with everything else that I cook I just stumbled across it by 'accid...

               Eating habits have a tremendous impact on our body functions and a well balanced nutrient intake is detrimental to keep us in adequate health but have you ever considered choosing your foods and adjusting your diet through the yogic lenses?...

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April 21, 2018

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