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Chainspired raw slice

If you are a chainatic like myself you'll probably like this recipe ..! Gluten free, dairy free and fruit free this is one of a kind healthy piece.

Creamy and crunchy, I love this slice so much and as with everything else that I cook I just stumbled across it by 'accident'. I just really enjoy cooking healthy and using my creativity to explore flavours and thinking on how much I enjoy chai and chocolate I decided to take both in one. And it worked out wonderfully!

Coming towards a more coldish season at home, I have been feeling the need to add spices more often into my recipes and this one couldn't be different . Also as with Ayurveda principles I am aware of how important it is to respect the flow of energy in the body by the foods we eat so warming the body with these spices in a rainy or windy day its not a bad idea at all!

I like to have this one as a snack or morning tea as it helps me to overcome sugar cravings <3 I am hoping it will offer some insights and be of inspiration if you are in need of some!

Feeding good ideas into the mind in order to feed the belly , rule number one!

Recipe : Serves | 10. Preparation time - 30min


Base: mixed nuts - 1 cup

Himalayan salt - 1 pinch

Honey - 1 tbs

Shredded coconut - 1/3 cup

Extra virgin coconut oil - 1 tbs

Blend it all or use a food processor. Cover the base of a tray , press firmly - freeze it.


Cashews - soaked for 1-2hours - 1 cup

Chai teabag or 2 tsp of the chai spice mix- prepare it in 150ml of hot water (not boiling)

Cinnamon - 2 tsp

Ginger powder - 1 tsp

Extra virgin coconut oil - 1 tbs

Organic Coconut butter - 1 tbs

Honey - 2 tbs

Tahini - 1 tsp

Organic Vanilla extract - 5 drops

Himalayan salt - 1 sml pinch

After preparing the tea, take it to the blender and add all other ingredients. Blend it until smooth.

Cover the base , spread it evenly. Freeze it.

Top layer

Extra virgin coconut oil - 4-5 tbs

Organic cacao powder - 3 tbs

Honey - 2 tbs

Melt the coconut oil in low heat, remove from the stove and add other ingredients. Slowly mix it until chocolate sauce consistency . Adjust sugar if needed . Cover the cream layer , spread evenly . Freeze it.

Leave it in the freezer for 2-3hrs , remove and place it in the fridge. Serves about 10 generous slices!

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