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Believe in yourself

≈ False Beliefs ≈

☾ Its often so easy to put ourselves vulnerable when we are going through intense changes or simply when we are not listening enough to our inner wisdom. Our connection to the Higher Intelligence is always available but interesting enough we tend to reach out for it when we hit the tip of the iceberg. When things are going really wrong and we don’t know what else to do but to believe in faith.

∞ How about we start cultivating the practice of daily tune in for more accurate listening and guidance? Perhaps closing the eyes and taking a few deep breaths its all you need to connect back to your North.⚡︎

✳︎The minute I realised I was more than capable to extend my faith into a sincere internal dialogue I felt I had regained my power back. As it poured through my heart like a flowing river I felt safe. Just like listening to your wise grandma when she whispers her long life lessons to you. And you respect that, and more often than not , it will be of positive assistance to whatever you are struggling with.

♡♥︎♡Believe in yourself, believe in your power and the true voice that comes from your heart. You, more than anyone else, knows whats best for you and what you deserve in this precious life. Take a moment to remember that. Trust yourself and that you are enough (repeat it out loud until you believe in what you are saying) ♥︎

Love, xx