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Thoughts are much like waves in the ocean, following the natural ebb and flow they continuously come and go . To think its the natural state of the brain and that’s what it was developed to do. Trying to stop this process will probably bring more stress and anxiety to the mind. Instead, you can choose to simply observe. As we practice meditation and sit with the thoughts and the unstoppable mind we learn to be much more of an observer rather than an actor on our lives. We learn to let go on being less automatically reactive and to become more consciously responsive to whatever comes our way. Receiving the thoughts equally, from the delightful memories to the unsavoury bits, without holding on or overthinking on any particular event. Becoming more of a friend and less of a judge. Knowing the importance of being kind to ourselves even when we consider to have failed somehow. Taking each of these thoughts to be as participant on our lives as we wish them to be.

When we learn to live on the present, in full state of joy, there is no other way but to experience that. Accepting things as they are and acting as if you had chosen them to be that way even when we dislike it brings us the freedom of the pain and lessens the burdens. One of the greatest things that comes from this is the understanding that what happens to you its not as important as what you choose to do with what happens to you.

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